According to a study, entitled, Religion and Occupation, (written by Philip Hughes of the Christian Research Association), the most religious folk in the country are farmers.   Evidently, almost half attend church at least once a month.

I guess that when you work so closely with nature, relying on seed-time, harvest and rains, the need to rely on God would be hard to avoid.   Those of us who live in cities can suffer from the illusion, surrounded as we are with man-made skyscrapers, bitumen, concrete and glass, that we are masters of our own identity, not God.

I suspect that farmers see the harsh realities of life, with its cycle of birth and death, and that these things force them to look beyond themselves.   Sadly, in the cities, we can be so obsessed with entertainment and comfort, that we can fail to see the mystery of God.

Farmers also have the advantage of having to be patient.   It is a truth that God sometimes works at the pace of a growing seed.   In the city, we can be so distracted by ‘hurry sickness’ that we fail to wait for anything more profound than a cappuccino.

So, do you think its time you too slowed down enough to rediscover God, rediscover who you are and rediscover your intended destiny?

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