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Evidence Of God

Who Ordered the Universe? - New!
A book that examines the cosmos and the arguments for a Creator behind creation.

Evidence of God (Free online course)
4x7 minute sessions.
1) Science & faith in history
2) How science & faith relate
3) Order as evidence for God
4) Disorder, suffering & God

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The Celtic Stone
Winner of 2014 CALEB award for fiction

A romantic thriller.

The Viking Stone

The Pharaoh’s Stone
Coming Soon.

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Bible Resources

Key Issues of Life
Winner of 2014 Selah award for Bible studies, America

The Bible on 50 of life’s most frequently asked questions.

A Summary Of The Bible
Read what’s in the Bible – summarised to one sixth of its size.

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5 samples of:
Thought for the Day
2 minute ‘thoughts for the day’
230 have been recorded.

5 samples of:
Daily Devotion
4 minute Bible devotions on life issues.
430 have been recorded.

3 samples of:
The Celtic Stone
A novel serialised for radio
59 x 10 minute episodes.

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What is Christianity?
Free online course. Takes 10 minutes.

What is Christianity?
24 page booklet for new Christians.

How To Lead Homegroups

How To Preach a Sermon

A Call to Reform the Church

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Dr Nick Hawkes: Conference Speaker.

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