Have you heard the story of how a leech solved an eight-year old criminal case of aggravated robbery in northern Tasmania?   Evidently, that guy got caught because a leech found at the scene of the crime contained his blood.

DNA taken from blood in a leech identified a man who then pleaded guilty to robbing a 71-year-old woman eight years earlier.   The man, Peter Alec Cannon, from Lilydale, stabbed the woman with a stick and robbed her of $550.

This makes me wonder” what evidence will you and I leave behind us after we’ve gone?   What will be written on your tombstone?   It would be desperately sad if it said that all you did was to entertain yourself to death, and that you’d done nothing more than be nice to your family and friends.

To have not realised the purpose and destiny God intended for you would be tragic.   Life does have meaning and your purpose is to find it out before you die.   Finding your purpose will affect what you do and the legacy you leave.   The Apostle Paul once spoke of faithful Christians leaving behind them the beautiful aroma of Christ.   Now that’s a legacy worth leaving.   That’s a legacy that has eternal consequences.

So, why not discover God so you can leave behind evidence of a life that lived its true purpose?

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