Eric Clapton once lived the life of an alcoholic on the streets. He wrote a song about this experience on his Unplugged album, entitled: “Nobody knows you when you’re down and out.”

Jesus once told a story about a young son who badgered his Father for his share of the inheritance, and then went off and squandered the lot on parties and prostitutes. He, too, discovered when he was broke that everyone deserted him. Eventually, he decides to go back home, confess his stupidity and ask to be taken back as a servant.

When his father sees him coming in the distance, he runs out to him, hugs him and welcomes him back. To signify his acceptance, the father gives his son three things.

First, he gives his son a high quality robe, a symbol of distinction and honour. Jesus said this to teach that no one is without honour in God’s community.

Second, he gives him the family signet ring. This gave him authority to act on behalf of his father. Jesus said this to teach that no one is without God’s authority in God’s community.

Thirdly, he gives him sandals for his feet, because only slaves went barefooted. Jesus said this to teach that there are no second class citizens in God’s community.

Jesus told this story for all who feel they are lost, deserted and not living their true purpose. If that’s you, why not come home to God and be all you were meant to be?

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