A manufacturer in Las Vagas has created what he claims is the first talking robot sex doll.   When asked why he had done it, he replied, “I built it so people could have a meaningful relationship with it.”

Riiiiiight.   You build a robotic sex doll so you can have a meaningful relationship.   That’s what sex dolls are for, meaningful relationships!   “Darling, I find your circuitry, diodes and silicon chips so meaningful to my life.”

The inventor of the sex robot claims that she listens to you, speaks to you and feels your touch.   The robot, called “Roxxxy,” has a silicone skin, a mechanical heart, and five personality options ranging from “Wild Wendy” to “Mature Martha.”   It retails for between $7,000 and $9,000 American dollars.

Come on guys!   Don’t debase yourselves so that you can only relate to lumps of plastic and metal.   Don’t let your sexual identity be determined by someone wanting you to pay $9,000 American dollars.   For goodness sake, you’re worth more than that.   God dreamed you into being and purposed you to discover real love, not fake love.   He has purposed you to accept his love and to show it to others.

The commercial world wants you to have a meaningful relationship with a silicon chip so they can take $9,000 dollars from you.   God wants you to discover his authentic love – for free.

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