Ever lost something important?

NASA has.   It’s lost its little, yellow, plastic ducks.

If you’ve found them, do please return them.

In September 2008, some 90 yellow, plastic ducks were thrown into a hole in the ice in Greenland.   Why did they do this, you might reasonably ask?   They did so in order to study the movement of water under the ice’s surface which was lubricating the base of the Greenland ice cap, causing the ice to slide faster toward the sea.

It was expected that the plastic toys would travel by internal channels within the ice and resurface somewhere in the sea.   Unfortunately, none of them were ever seen again.

It may interest you to know that God has a keen interest in finding things that are lost.   Jesus said he’d come to seek and to save what was lost (Lk 19:10).

Luke, chapter 15, particularly talks about God’s priority in finding those who are lost.

Verses 3-7 talk about God being a shepherd who leaves his 99 sheep in order to find one sheep that is lost.   This answers the question, “Does God care about me?”

Verses 8-10 talk about God being like someone searching diligently for a lost coin.   This answers the question about how keen God is to find the lost.

Verses 11-24 talk about God’s willingness to receive back a lost, wayward son.   This answers the question, “Will God accept me?”

So, if you’re lost, why not allow God to find you.


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