Christianity is thriving in China despite most of the Christian church being persecuted. However, sometimes there are reports of the Chinese government being so amazed at the difference being a Christian makes that they secretly study it to find out why.

One Christian industrial company they are watching is the Boteli Valve Group in Wenzhou. They make 5 million dollars worth of engine valves a year. The manager of the company encourages his workers to become Christians and have Bible studies because he has discovered that the Christian faith makes people more conscientious.

The fact is, Christianity is a whole new way of living that changes peoples character, causing it to become more and more like that of Jesus.

Maybe the West needs to remember this in its headlong rush to embrace secularism, other faiths and liberal ethics toxic to the values of truth, human worth and integrity, values derived from a Christian culture that has been the historical basis of our legal, medical and educational systems.

Nothing very good happens when authentic Christianity is abandoned. The complete absence of empathy, (that’s to say, the ability to care about or identify with others) resulted in the torture and genocide of 6 million people in Nazi extermination camps. God, however, is passionate about justice, the plight of the poor and passionate about you. So, if you want to grow what is good, then come to God, embrace his character and allow him to transform you.

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