In recent years Great Britain’s chief export to the U.S. has been a stack of books by atheist authors such as evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and literary critic Christopher Hitchens, both of whom claim that faith is irrational in the face of modern science.

This is interesting, given that other prominent British atheists seem to be having second thoughts.   One of these is the philosopher, Antony Flew.   His research led him to conclude that evolutionary theory was not enough to explain the origin of life.   As such, he discovered that his atheism was not logically sustainable.

More recently, the author, A.N. Wilson, (a man who spent years mocking Christianity), returned to Christianity.   He did so, he said, when he discovered that atheists were unable to make sense of the basic experiences of life.   He noted that people who insisted we were just “anthropoid apes” could not account for things as basic as language, love, and music.   They certainly could not explain how Christianity was able to transform lives.

In a similar vein, Matthew Parris, another well-known British atheist, saw the transforming power of the Christian gospel in Malawi, Africa.   He said that his experience of Christianity at work “confounded his ideological beliefs, stubbornly refused to fit his world-view, and embarrassed his belief that there was no God.”

Why do I tell you this?   Because unless you discover the God who came to rescue you back to himself in Jesus, you too may struggle to make much sense of life.

What evidence will you leave behind?
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